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Carbide Rods Production in RYDMET CARBIDE plant.

Apr. 01, 2023

The intruduction of Cemented Carbide Rods in Rydmet Carbide Factory

Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods, Carbide Blanks and Carbide Pre-forms are very useful Hard Materials for Solid Carbide Cutting Tools. The Tools that made from Carbide Rods, Blanks and Pre-forms are mainly called Solid Carbide Tools or Carbide Tipped Tools. That including: Carbide Drill Bits, Carbide Reamers ; Carbide End Mills, Carbide Taps, Carbide Taps, Carbide Punches and Carbide Wear Parts, Carbide engraving tools;

Carbide Rods,Carbide Blanks, Carbide Preforms Production in RYDMET CARBIDE plant. 

Some carbide Rods are even made into Carbide Components for machines and some are made into Solid Carbide Burrs.  


Though Carbide Rods can be made into so many kinds of Carbide Tools or other type carbide wear parts, the  basic Function is same as other Carbide Products, that is 

for Wear and Cutting application.


As per the specific application of the Carbide Tools, the Carbide Rods can be used to make tools for many industries: such as Metal Cutting, Woodworking, Composite Materials, Plastic, Electrical industry, Wear Parts, etc.


Rydmet Cemented Tungsten Carbide Limited has about 10 years of experience in the Carbide Rods manufacturing, in details, we have a great advantage in the following carbide rods products:

Carbide Rods in Full length (h6/h5 or sintered)

Cut to length Carbide Rods (h6/h5or sintered)

Carbide Rods with Central straight hole

Carbide Tubes

Carbide Rods with 2 straight holes ( h6 or sintered)

Carbide Rods with 2 helical coolant holes, 30 degre (h6/h5 or sintered)

Carbide Rods with 2 helical coolant holes, 40 degre (h6/h5 or sintered)

Carbide Rods with 2 helical coolant holes, 40 degre (h6/h5 or sintered)

Carbide Rods with 3 helical coolant hole, 30 degre (h6/h5 or sintered)

Carbide Endmill Blanks 

Carbide Drill Blanks

Weldon Shank Carbide Blanks

Carbide Pre-forms

Carbide Step Blanks ( finished or semi-finished)

Carbide Shank/Shaft for Dental Burrs ( 1.6 mm and 2.5 mm diameter, h6)


The Sizes of the Carbide Rods are available from 0.5 mm to 40 mm, the Lengt can be available to up to 600mm.


In RYDMET CARBIDE, we have 2 ways to make the Carbide Rods:

a)         Extrusion method

b)        Cold Isostatic Press(CIP) 

All the 2 ways of Carbide Rods Manufacturing measures have their own advantages, we will choose which way to be used as per factorys status,  no matter which ways, we guarantee our premium quality always.



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