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Due to the historical issues in China, the Tools Materials ( like HSS, Carbide etc) and tools are usually not integrated, that is, the tools company’s who don’t make their own Carbide, the Carbide factories don’t make the finished tools.

In the past few years,many carbide manufacturers, such as Rydmet Carbide, has started to integrate the tools materials and finished tools, through the application of many advanced equipments and establish the needed production line ( workshop), and through a philosophy of continual improvement, innovation and teamwork, we are now in a position to making a series of Solid Carbide Tools and Carbide Tipped Tools that satisfy our client well.

We get a great success in making the finished tools, because we control the quality of Tungsten Carbide Materials and the finished tools in our own hands and we can adjust the quality parameters as per the client’s or users’ feedback.

The Carbide Cutting Tools we make in our plant are:

1) Solid Carbide Endmills

2) Carbide Drill Bits

3) Carbide Reamers

4) Carbide Burrs

5) Carbide Dental Burs

6) Carbide Road Milling Bits

7) Other irregular Tools that made as per demand.

Our Commission is to make the right Tools for the right application.

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