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Cemented carbides are produced by sintering mixed tungsten carbides with cobalt binders, it is a kind of alloy,they are called simply "hard metal" and have the hardness second to that of diamond and the weight approximately twice that of steel.

Generally,it has excellent wear resistance and high hot hardness and very good toughness, The originally application is for Cutting Tools materials. But after decades of development, the tungsten carbide can almost be used in all the industries that need a materials ( for tool or part) that should be good at long tool life and good wear-resistance,hot-resistance,erosion-resistance.etc.

Carbide can be made into many shapes, sizes, geometries, in ground or sintered status, for the specific application. Besides the standard or common products we listed in our Products, Center, we also make the Irregular Carbide products that we don’t know the name and the application ( we make as per the client’s demands and Drawings).

The following is the irregular carbide we make some times:

1) Carbide Pins for tyre Spikes

2) Carbide Pins for horse shoe

3) Carbide Gripper Inserts

4) Carbide Inserts for Snowmobile Wear Bar

5) Carbide Grits

6) Carbide Studs.

We can make the Tungsten Carbide Parts, products, as per your new design for your new project and can make the carbide from you as per your sample.

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