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Cemented Carbide Rolls or Carbide Rollers, are usually refers to the Roll made from Cemented Tungsten Carbide through the powder metallurgy methods, which be of very excellent tool performance such as:

1) Stable quality in high working temperature

2) High processing precision

3) Good wear resistance

4) High impact resistance

 The Carbide Rolls are widely using in the production of Wire Rods, Rebars and Seamless Steel Tubes.


In order that our carbide Rolls are excellent in quality and can satisfy  the market’s various demands, Rydmet People work closely with the steel mills and combined the actual feedback from the jobsite. We have developed various Grade. Which can covers most of the normal working condition in the Steel Mills.


As per the demand, Rydmet Carbide Rolls can be in:

1)  unfinished blanks

2) Semi-finished rolls with ground inner diameter and thickness

3) Fully finished as to your Prints/Drawings.


Our Carbide Mill Rolls can be with Outer Diameters up to Ø600mm, and the maximum thickness can be 400mm.

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