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Which Countries are your Cemented Carbide exported to?

Base on the Production Base in China, Rydmet’s Carbide Products and its finished Cemented Carbide Tools are exported to all over the world, such as, USA, UK, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Belguium, Česká republic, Turkey, Dubai,Canada, Sigapore, Viet Nam etc.

What kind of Advanced Equipments do you have?

In order to make sure that our Cemented Carbide are excellent in quality, we have both advanced equipments for QC and Production.

For Quality Control of Raw materials and Cemented Carbide: Carbide Density Test, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Vickers Hardness Tester, Trans-rapture Toughness (TRS) Tester, Coercivity Tester, Magnetic Saturation (M.S) Tester, spectrometer, metallographic microscopes, SEM, XRD.etc.

For the Cemented Carbide Production: Spray Dry Tower, HIP-sintering Furnaces, Vacuum Sintering Furnaces, TPA presser, Imported Centerless Grinding Machines, Walter CNC tool Grinders.

If we don’t know the Grade of a Cemented Carbide or Tools, can you help us?

Yes, After more than 10 years of Cemented Carbide production and experience, our skilled Team are always able to recommend a very suitable grade for your application as long as your tell us the usage of the Cemented Carbide Parts or Tools in details.

Given that the recommend grade doesn’t works, we make some adjustment or improvement in our Carbide, try to make sure that our Cemented Carbide and Tools meet your demand perfectly.

What is your company’s Aim or Concept??

To Solve the practical problem for our clients through our Cemented Carbide Products is all our Aim.

To save the time, reduce the cost, to prolong the tool life, increase the tool performance is our permanent pursuit.

What is your delivery time for the order of Cemented Carbide or Tools?

1) when there is stock: within 1~7 days, or the same day.

2) with mold available and have to make: within 30 days for mostly Cemented Carbide Products.

3) without mold and big quantity: as per the discussion and the production status.

Time is money, Customer is God, there is no reason for us to delay your order.

To Inquiry or order Cemented Carbide or Cemented Carbide Tools from you, what kind of information should I provide?

1) the Grade Information, include the Compositions or Ingredients, hardness, density, TRS,, grain size, porosity, etc, the more the better.

 If you don’t know the grades, you can tell us the application of the Carbide or give us a sample, our QC department can analyze your samples and make the same or equal Carbide or tools for you.

2) the Technical Drawings or Prints : with tolerance for each dimensions, with surface roughness demand and other technical demands.

For some samples sizes or Standard Cemented Carbide Products or Tools, you can only tell us the Sizes, or code.

3) For the finished Cemented Tools, you also need to tell us the working conditions, working pieces’ hardness, coated or not.


The more information you provided about your demand, the easier it will be for us to help you.

What is your payment Term in Rydmet Carbide ?

Usually, our payment term is

1  irregular or Custom-make Cemented Carbide Products or Carbide Tools:  

30% prior to production when place order.  

70% be paid when the Cemented Carbide products ordered is ready for shipment.

2.  The standards Cemented Carbide or Tools, Carbide Rods, Carbide End mills, Carbide Drill Bits, Carbide Burrs.etc:


100% of the Invoice Value be paid prior to shipment or against B/L, it depends on.

In our company, if we have a long time of cooperation, our payment is very flexible, as we always said to our client: Never discuss the payment term from the beginning, The payment Term is depends 100% on you, not depends on by Rydmet Carbide, your sincerity, reputation in the course of our business is the only thing to the payment term.

Do you provide Carbide Samples, are they free?

To give some samples for the quality test, it is a really good way for the client know the quality and performance of our Cemented Carbide Products and Carbide Cutting Tools, we welcome all the clients or potential clients to request the Carbide or Carbide Tools samples from us.

In principle, we can provide free samples if it is standard products or we happen to have some stock, but it with a limitation of 0.4 KGS( net weight) or 50.00 USD in value…the shipping cost be borne by which party is depends on discussion.  


If you want to test more of our Cemented Carbide or Carbide Cutting Tools, you are warmly welcome to place trial order.

Do you Charge the mold for the Standard Cemented Carbide and the Irregular ( no-standard) Carbide??

As to the Cemented Carbide Production, the initial mold cost is really very high, for any type of mold for pressing, the materials plus the labor, it will be 250 USD at least or more.

So, our mold policy for a new type of Carbide that we have never made is:

1) In principal, we don’t want to charge the die or tooling to increase the burden of our client to develop a new product or to place he order this new carbide (or carbide parts ) to us.

2) Even we have to charge the mold cost, we will consider all the aspects of our business carefully and offer and charge you minimally, the mold charge can’t exceed the real cost the mold materials and machining cost, the labor cost to make a new set of mold will be bear by us..so, our mold cost are always very lower than our competitors.

3) For some times, we charge the mold in a attempt to show the sincerity of a new client toward a new business relationship with us. If he or she is very sincere and the order of this type of Carbide is very attractive, we will share the mold cost or even give up the mold charge.


4) For samples, If there are the similar molds or close carbide available, we suggest the client to use the similar one available or make some machining.


5) Mold is just a kind of tooling for the production of Cemented Carbide, so, we never want to earn any profit from the mold making, as per our policy, we refund the mold cost charged for this type of cemented carbide when its

 order quantity is accumulated to 80 KGS for simple Cemented Carbide or 160 KGS for the irregular or complicated Cemented Carbide

Since Rydmet Carbide produces both Standard and Custom-made Cemented Carbide ( hard metal) or Cutting Tools, what is the percentage for each?

As per our statistics of our recent years’ sales and inquiry records, we found that 75% of our Cemented Carbide we made are irregular or non-standard or Custom-made, we make them as per the Client’s Specific Drawings or Prints.

Even for the Standard Carbide Parts or components, the sizes or geometries vary from one client to another. Perhaps, the innovation or changes of the design can help increase the performance of the Cemented Carbide Parts, Components in the course of working.

What are your key categories among all your Cemented Carbide or Carbide Tools?

1) Extruded Carbide products category: Cemented Carbide Rods, Strips, Bars, Gun Drill Blanks, Carbide Tubes.


2) Mining Graded Carbide: Cemented Carbide Buttons or Compacts, Inserts, Tips, for Rock or Coal, Earth mining tools...


3) Cemented Carbide Wear Parts: Cemented Carbide Bushings for pumps, Carbide Wear Sleeves, Bushes, Tiles, Balls, Nozzles, Carbide Components for the Oil/Gas industries.


4) Carbide Cutting Tools: Solid Carbide Cutting Tools, like Solid Carbide End mills, Carbide Drill Bits, Carbide Reamers, Carbide Taps, Carbide Burrs, Carbide Slitting Knives, Carbide Razor Blades, Shear Blades, Carbide Industrial Knives, Carbide Reversible or Turnable Inserts, Carbide planners, Carbide Slitting Saws. 

All the  Carbide Cutting tools are machined or CNC machined in our own workshop from our own made carbide Blanks, so, we can control the quality and cost by our own hands.

Do you make the Finished Tools??

In the workshops of Rydmet, from our available Sintered Carbide, we can make them into the finished Cemented Carbide Tools, in Carbide Tipped or in solid Carbide.

Can you tell me the specific name of the Cemented Carbide or tools??

 Cemented Carbide are developed mainly for the Wear-Resistant and Cutting application, almost all the application are base on this purpose, so, as per the specific application, the name of our Cemented Tungsten Carbide are as follows:

a) Cemented Carbide Round Rods ( also called Carbide Rods).

b) Cemented Carbide Buttons ( also called Carbide Compacts).

c) Cemented Carbide Tips for Chisel Bits

d) Cemented Carbide Inserts for Coal Mining Bits.

e) Cemented Carbide Roof Bits Inserts.

f) Cemented Carbide Brazed Tips

g) Cemented Carbide Inserts for Round Shank Bits.

h) Cemented Carbide Pick Insets

i) Cemented Carbide Snow Plow Blades Inserts

j) Cemented Carbide Grader Blades Inserts

k) Cemented Carbide Inserts for Debarking Tools

l) Cemented Carbide Inserts for Railway Tamping Tools.

m) Cemented Carbide Strips for knives

n) Cemented Carbide Plate, Profiles.

o) Cemented Carbide Bur Blanks

p) Cemented Carbide Inserts for Agricultural or Farming Tools

q) Cemented Carbide Inserts for Snowmobile Runners or Skies.

r) Cemented Carbide Blanks for End mills, Drills, Reamers, Taps.

s) Cemented Carbide Gun Drill Blanks.

t) Cemented Carbide Boring Bar Blanks or Tool holders

u) Cemented Carbide Inserts for tyre Stud, nails, spikes

v) Cemented Carbide Seal Rings Faces

w) Cemented Carbide Bushings, Sleeves, Tiles for Pumps, Centrifuges  

x) Cemented Carbide Components, Wear Parts

y) Cemented Carbide Nozzles or threaded Nozzles

z) Carbide Water-jet Nozzles or Carbide mixing Tubes or Focusing Tubes.

aa) Carbide Tubes

ab) Carbide Redi Burrs

ac) Carbide Inserts, buttons for Excavating chain, BCM ( Ballast Cleaning Machine ) 

ad) Carbide Router Bits.

ae) Cemented Carbide Woodworking Inserts, Tunable, Reversible Inserts.


there are even more and more names in the market…because carbide’s application are become wider and wider.

what is kind of Cemented Carbide do you make???

We can make the Carbide or hard-metal in sintered condition (un-ground) and in ground condition ( by grinding, machining, EDM) to the required dimensions or geometries, this kind of ground carbide are usually called Cemented Carbide Wear Parts or Cemented Carbide Components.


We can also use our CNC tool grinder to grind our Cemented Carbide Rods or Cemented Carbide Blanks into Solid Carbide Cutting tools

Are you manufacturers (Cemented Carbide and Carbide Tools ) or trading Company ?

Rydmet Carbide is a professional Cemented Carbide and finished carbide cutting tools manufacturers in China.

We can make the Cemented Carbide (or Hard metal) from the Materials ( Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt) in the form of Powder to the sintered carbide or finished Carbide Tools.

What is Cemented Tungsten Carbide or hard metal?

Tungsten is a very hard and dense metal, mined from Wolf eremite ore and symbolized by a "W" on the periodic table of elements. It melts at an extraordinary 6,192 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest melting point of all metals. On its own, tungsten is vulnerable to scratches and damage just like any other metal, such as titanium and steel. Tungsten gains its extreme hardness when it is combined with a carbon alloy, turning it into tungsten carbide or WC. It then has a hardness of 8.5 to 9.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Tungsten carbide is four times harder than titanium, twice as hard as steel.


 Tungsten carbide is a homogeneous mixture of tungsten carbide grains in a tough cobalt binder matrix. The tungsten carbide grains are fused into a solid matrix of cobalt metals. The term cemented carbides comes saying that the metal carbide’s grains are “cemented” in the binder metal’s matrix. The fusion process is called liquid phase sintering, or sinter for short.


 While there are many different grades of Tungsten Carbide available containing various additives for a variety of applications, on the most basic level the primary properties of any given grade (Hardness and Toughness) are determined by the ratio of Tungsten Carbide to Cobalt. In general, more a lower percentage of Cobalt will produce a harder but less tough material and a higher percentage will produce a tougher but softer material.

What does the name “ RYDMET” mean?

1) RYDMET , as the name of the company, it has its own meaning, that is Right Your Desirable Materials, Economical, Top-quality.


2) RYDMET is also a registered Brand and Trade Mark, it is suitable for the brand of our Cemented Tungsten Carbide and Carbide Tools, Components, and Wear Parts. 


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