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How to polish the Carbide Bur Blanks

Aug. 31, 2017

How to polish the Carbide Bur Blanks?We can through Mechanical polishing meathod

Mechanical polishing is to rely on cutting,the plastic deformation of the surface to remove the polished polished surface and get a smooth surface of the polishing method,the general use of oil stone,wool wheel,sandpaper and so on,to the mainly of manual operation,special parts such as the surface of the rotor can use turntable and other auxiliary tools,high surface quality requirements can be used ultra-fine grinding method.Ultra-fine grinding means to use special abrasive, grinding in the abrasive that containing the material, Pressing the processed surface of workpiece tightly,for high-speed rotary motion.Using this technology can achieve Ra0.008μm surface roughness,is the highest of a variety of polishing methods.Optical lens mold often use this method. 

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Carbide Bur Blanks

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