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Mining Grade Carbide

Rydmet Carbide Technologies Limited manufactures a large variety of inserts or Carbide Compacts used in rotary & percussion rock bits for oil & gas and mining industries.

The variety of Carbide Inserts/Tips that Rydmet Carbide supplies, gives a good coverage of all type of application needs, even extreme drilling conditions, whether rotary or percussion or down the hole.

Mining Grade Carbide is one of our Key categories among all Carbide Products, according to the specific application, we have classified them into the following categories:

1) Cemented Tungsten Carbide Buttons or Compacts for DTH Bits, Roller Bits,Tri-cone Bits.

2) Carbide Inserts, Carbide Tips for Geo Exploring Tools

3) Carbide Tips/Carbide Inserts for Round Shank Bits, Road Milling Bits,Trenching Bits.

4) Carbide Inserts /CarbideTips for Drag Bits, Blade Bits, Coal Auguer Bits, Stabilizer.

5) Carbide Inserts/Tips for Heavey Duty Machine Tools, such as, Carbide Inserts/Tips for Plow Blades, Grader Blades, TBM Cutter, Carbide inserts for VSI Rotor Tips, Carbide Stump Grinder, Carbide Debarker Inserts.Rotor Tips Inserts

6) Tungsten Carbide Inserts/Tips for Chisel Bits, Drill Rods Inserts, like K033, K034, K030,K028, grade can be YG15.


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