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Congratulations on the intruduction of CIP for Cemented Carbide Production

May. 10, 2017

On May 8, 2017, Rydment cemented carbide techonlogies has sucesfully installed and tested its newly introduced Cold Iso-statics Press (CIP).

In Rydmet carbide plant, the CIP is use to make the cemented tungsten carbide products, like cemented tungsten carbide rods, cemented tungsten carbide tubes, cemented tungsten carbide blanks and other round or tubular cemented tungsten carbide wear parts.

The biggest advantage with Isostatic Pressing is that the material you want to compress (cemented tungsten carbide rods, tubes, blanks, wear parts) is compressed in all directions with the same pressure,which makes the parts be of the same density, wich can gauranee the parts be of the same Geometry, Size, Shape.

Another advantage is that, to make our cemented tungsten carbide products (or hard metal, like rods, tubes, carbide bur blanks) by the means of CIP, no lubricant is needed,which can increase the purity of our cemented carbide products a lot, so, it can increase the tool performance and quality.

cemented carbide

Third, the CIP can reduce lead time a lot, because it need not to prepare the carbide materials as complicated as as that for the trachinal pressing machines. So, for our cemented tungsten carbide rods. tibes, even though we don't have the stock, we can deliver them within very shrot time.

In addition, Isostatic Pressing you are able to produce thin walled cylinders and other objects ( like cemented tungsten carbide seal faces, rings, sleeves, bushings) that would be extremely difficult to produce with other techniques.

We hope our CIP can help us serving our clients with high performanced cemented tungsten carbide parts, shorter delivery time and competitive price.

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