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Do you know carbide abrasive waterjet nozzles

May. 04, 2017

Carbide abrasive waterjet nozzles are one of the key parts in the complete set of equipment of high pressure abrasive water jet.

The high pressure water passes through the central pipe water abrasive waterjet nozzles to form a high-speed water jet. Due to the high speed water jet in the mixed cavity to produce a suction effect and the formation of a local vacuum, so that in the mixing chamber will be mixed with the abrasive particles of the water beam, and finally through the abrasive nozzle jet to form abrasive water jet.

Abrasive water jet nozzle is widely used in petroleum drilling. The hardness of nozzle material can be greatly reduced. Because of its high hardness and toughness, cemented carbide is widely used in the preparation of wear resistant nozzle parts.

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Carbide abrasive waterjet nozzles

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