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Cemented Carbide Circular Knives, for Tabacco Cutting

May. 10, 2020

 Carbide Circular Tobacco Knives Sales is more than 12000  Pieces


    Congratulations to our Sales Department in April , 2020, the sales for Carbide Circular Knives for the Tobacco Filter Cutting is exceeding to 12000 pcs..that is really attractive sales volume for just this type of Carbide Knife.


   However, the Other of Carbide Knives, such as Carbide Slitting Knives, Shear Knives, Razor Knives, Carbide Rewinding Knives, were affected by the Covid-19 Situation dramatically, it dropped 56%, we think it is all due to the lockdown of many countries and closure of many factories Overseas.

    Our Boss Joked, perhaps, the sales going up is because, during the lockdown of many countries, the have nothing to do but smoke or they are worrying about the situation so much and the pressure is high to them, they need to find a way to release it, to smoking is a good way.

    But our engineers said, the carbide knives are used widely, for a same sizes of knife, it can be used into many industries. We are sure that some companies use this kind of thin Carbide circular Knives ( usually for the tobacco filer cutting) to cut the Melt-blown Nonwoven Fabrics, which is the critical materials for Masks.

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