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Price adjustment of Cemented Carbide in OCT.2019

Apr. 11, 2020



The price Change Notice            

Dear the Honored Clients:

 Thanks to your company’s continuous support and trust, we have established a a long term business relationships, this is vital to the development of both our companies.


Recently, the price of Raw materials for the Tungsten Carbide (Hard-metal or Hardalloy) production has increased about 40%, in addition, there supply is short than the demand, it has caused our production cost increased heavily.


In order that our company can run in order and our client’s interest won’t be or minimally affected, base on the long term cooperation and mutual-win principles, after careful consideration, we have decided to adjust the price of our Cemented Tungsten Carbide Products and Tools. The adjusted price or price rate will be executed from 20 OCT.2019. For details, please contact our salesmen , thanks!



As to this price adjustment, we beg your understanding and support. We will continuously improve and innovate, try to produce more premium Cemented Tungsten Carbide ( or Carbide Tools) and provide better service for exchange of your continuous help.


Thanks Again!

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Rydmet Cemented Tungsten Carbide Limited

The Carbide and Carbide Tools are usually as follows:  Carbide Rods, Carbide Preforms, Carbide Blanks, Carbide Bur Blanks,Carbide burrs, Carbide Sliting Knives, Carbide Reversible Inserts, Carbide buttons, Carbide Dental Bur blanks. Carbide  Endmill etc.

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