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the RDL02 Abrasive Carbide Waterjet Focusing Tubes

Aug. 31, 2019

RDL02 Abrasive Carbide Waterjet Nozzles

  the 2nd Generation of Carbide



Under the efforts of the R&D Department of Rydmet Cemented Tungsten Carbide Limited, it is our great pleasure to advise you that we have developed the  2nd Generation of Carbide Abrasive  Nozzle already.

We release this new base on the months test both in abroad and domestic by our Waterjet Patners. the Grade RDL02 has been approved to be very excellent in quality.

Comparred our 1st Gerneration of Carbide ( RDL01) Focusing Tubes, our RDL02's Hardness reach up to 97.5 HRA...that is so perfect to the high wear working-conditon of Waterjet Cutting.



It is really a Amazing news for the whole Watjet indsutry, because we have beem seelomg a most durable materials ( Carbide Focusing Tubes, Mixing Tubes, Waterjet Nozzles)  that economical in cost and excellent in tool performance.

Rydmet is willing to share the advantage of sucess in the Special Carbide Materials like the Waterjet Nozzles. 

For any doubt or questions, please feel free to Contact us, thanks! 



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