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Why Choose Our Carbide Rods?

Jul. 25, 2017

Carbide Rods with the following features:

1, Processed into the mold and life extension (high fatigue strength, it is not easy to produce stress concentration).

2, Excellent life stability (crack occurrence and expansion will delay).

3, Adhesion and bite burning significantly reduced (corrosion caused by lubricant is extremely slight).

4, Corrosion resistance in the cutting process greatly improved.

5, Raw material purity will be up too 99.95% or more, very little impurity content. Carbide rods physical properties are more stable.

The Carbide Rods are ground in our company by imported ( from Italy) Centerless Grinding Machiness, besides the standard h6 tolerance, we can make h5, even h4 tolerance if there is a demand by our clients. For the 330 mm ground carbide rods, the run-out ( bending) can be within 0.05mm, that is almost the best grinding quality in this industry.If you need,contact us!

Carbide Rods

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