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Walter CNC Tool Grinder

                Rydmet has just imported  a Walter CNC Tool Grinder for its high precision Carbide Rotary CuttingTools, like Carbide Endmill;Carbide Drill Bits;Carbide Reamers. The machine  was  installed and debugged on Feb.11, 2023. 




      Before That,  Rydmet  has been making a series of Carbide Endmills, Carbide Drill bits, Carbide Burrs, Carbide Reamers  through imported CNC tool grinders (Anca) , in addition to  the application of the Walter Machine, which will enhance our ability to serve and satisfy our clients' demand. 


    The Carbide Cutting Tools in Rydmet are made from our our own  Carbide Blanks, Rods, Preforms, so we have a great advantage in the carbide tools market, both in the quality and  the products cost...now, We mainly make the cutting tools as per the Cleint's demand or provide OEM for our clients.


    But in order to satisfy our client's demand on the delivery time , for the standard Endmills, Drill Bits, Carbide Burrs, we have regular stocks  for many sizes.

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