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  • Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods with 1 Central Hole

  • Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods with 1 Central Hole

Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods with 1 Central Hole

The Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods, Blanks are made by Extrusion from the highest purity of Materials and Sinter Hiped.

Be of very high quality and tool peroformances, the grade for Cutting tools are usually in Sub-micron Grain and Ultra-fine Grain. As demand,the other grade can be custom-made.

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    Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods with 1 Central Hole:

    The Carbide Rods are ideal materials for the Solid rotoary Cutting tools, like Solid Carbide Endmill, Drills, Remaers, Taps.etc.

    Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods with 1 Central Hole:

    The Standard grade available as follow:

    Standard  grade for Cemented Carbide Rods in Rydmet :
    The Grades For Cemented  Tungsten Carbide Rods
    Properties of GradeRD06UFRD08UFRD09UFRD10FRD12UF
    WC incl. Doping%949091%9088
    Vickers Hardness HV30kg/mm218901790195015801690
    Rockwell Hardness HRAISO373893.59393.891.8>92.5
    PorosityA< 02< 02< 02< 02< 02
    WC Grain Sizeμm0.

    Carbide Rods with 1 coolant hole  Central hole, 310~330 mm

    Part No.Dia.
    1-2.0-330-s2.0+0.5/+0.30.5 ±0.08330+3/0
    1-3.0-330-S3.0+0.5/+0.30.50 ±0.08330+3/0
    1-4.0-330-S4.0+0.5/+0.30.80 ±0.08330+3/0
    1-5.0-330-S5.0+0.5/+0.30.80 ±0.08330+3/0
    1-6.0-330-S6.0+0.5/+0.31.00 ±0.1330+3/0
    1-7.0-330-S7.0+0.5/+0.31.00 ±0.15330+3/0
    1-8.0-330-S8.0+0.5/+0.31.00 ±0.15330+3/0
    1-9.0-330-S9.0+0.5/+0.31.40 ±0.15330+3/0
    1-10.0-330-S10.0+0.5/+0.31.40 ±0.15330+3/0
    1-11.0-330-S11.0+0.5/+0.31.40 ±0.15330+3/0
    1-12.0-330-S12.0+0.5/+0.31.50 ±0.15330+3/0
    1-13.0-330-S13.0+0.5/+0.31.75 ±0.15330+3/0
    1-14.0-330-S14.0+0.5/+0.31.75 ±0.15330+3/0
    1-15.0-330-S15.0+0.5/+0.32.00 ±0.20330+3/0
    1-16.0-330-S16.0+0.5/+0.32.00 ±0.20330+3/0
    1-17.0-330-S17.0+0.5/+0.32.00 ±0.20330+3/0
    1-18.0-330-S18.0+0.5/+0.32.00 ±0.25330+3/0
    1-19.0-330-S19.0+0.5/+0.32.00 ±0.25330+3/0
    1-20.0-330-S20.0+0.5/+0.32.50 ±0.25330+3/0
    1-21.0-330-S21.0+0.5/+0.32.50 ±0.25330+3/0
    1-22.0-330-S22.0+0.5/+0.32.50 ±0.25330+3/0
    1-23.0-330-S23.0+0.5/+0.32.5 ±0.25330+3/0
    1-24.0-330-S24.0+0.6/+0.43.00 ±0.25330+3/0
    1-25.0-330-S25.0+0.6/+0.43.00 ±0.25330+3/0
    1-25.4-330-S25.4+0.6/+0.43.0 ±0.25330+3/0

    If the sizes is not listed here, please let us know your requirement in details, we can make the Rods as per your request.

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