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◆  Carbide Die Blanks

Rydmet Carbide produce as-sintered tungsten carbide Die Materials and Blanks for hot and cold heading die tooling and forming tools.

Our factory is equipped to make tungsten carbide heading die inserts and forging dies blanks in all sizes up to a maximum outside diameter of 250mm. Besides the Standards Square and Round Carbide Die Blanks, special dimensions and sizes, shapes can be made to order and can be supplied in different tungsten carbide material grades with up to a 25% Cobalt binder to meet our customers’ specific requirements to produce special tooling.

The Carbide Die inserts and blanks in as-sintered condition are usually with enough grinding allowance for the future machining and assembling, we can also make the carbide die blanks with semi-finish condition or ground condition.

Our accumulated experiences and advantage in the Die Carbide Blanks/Materials enable us to make the world class durable carbide die blanks for our clients in the die industry:

●Hot and Cold Heading Carbide Die Blanks/Inserts

Cut-off Die Carbide Die Blanks/Inserts

Forging Dies Carbide Blanks/Inserts

Ejector Pins Carbide Blanks

Punches Carbide Blanks

As carbide man, to provide the Carbide Die Blanks with maximum wear resistance and toughness is our permanent aim and motivation.

carbide die blanks

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