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Description of Carbide Burrs  


Carbide Burr, Carbide burrs, Carbide Bur Set, Carbide Grinding Files, Carbide Rotary Files, are very special cutting tools for the de-burring and grinding.

Rydmet Carbide Burrs are  made from high quality Raw Materials , and machined by Import CNC Tool Grinder, be of very good quality and competitive price. Usually, the name of the carbide burrs as follows: Carbide burrs, Carbide Bur Sets, Carbide Burrs, Rotary Burr, Grinding Burr. Carbide Rotary Files, Tungsten Carbide Burrs.

 In order that Our Carbide burrs are Excellent in tool performance and long in tool life, we have been attaching a great importance to every step of the production procedures. 

Our Carbide Bur Head are made 100% Virgin Raw Materials and HIP Sintered, which can guarantee the quality of Carbide Burrs from the beginning.

All the CNC Tool grinding Operators should be trained for enough time before he or she operate the machines independently. We believe that people is one the most important factors to the quality of a product and company.

Beside the Materials, Skilled People, we have the schedule to upgrade the CNC tool grinding machines gradually. to make our carbide burrs  better in Precision, quality  and higher in production efficiency.

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