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Rydmet Carbide is becomeing the Member of Made-in-China from June1st,2018

Jun. 03, 2018

Rydmet  is now a member of Made-in-China B2B Platfrom.


      Congratulations! Rydmet Carbide has passed on-site Audit that was done by the appointed third party Supervising Inspectorate (SGS-CSTC Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd) and get the Certificate Report ( No.QIP-ASI189251).

    From June 1st, Rydmet is offically becoming the member of the B2B made-in-China platform, so, Rydmet Carbide be connected to the potential buyers of our Cemented Tungsten Carbide Products and Carbide Cutting Tools more eaisly and widely.

   Rymdet Carbide has been making the Cemented Carbide Rods, Carbide Blanks, Carbide Tips,Carbide Bur Blanks and Carbide burrs, Carbide Buttons, Carbide End Mills, Carbide Drill Bits, Reamers, Carbide Dies Blanks, Carbide Wear Parts and components, Rings, Bushings, etc, we hope through this plat form, our experienced and skilled team can serve more and more clients woldwide who is engaging in the Carbide or carbide related products.

   To help more and more clients solve the wear and cutting tool materisls is our only aim.

    See you in made-in-China https://rydmet2018.en.made-in-china.com

Carbide Nozzles Carbide Nozzles
 Carbide Bushings,Sleeves,Bearings Carbide Bushings,Sleeves,Bearings
Carbide Boring Bar Blanks Carbide Boring Bar Blanks
Carbide Gun Drill Blanks Carbide Gun Drill Blanks

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