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 Rydmet Carbide provide the high quality Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods, Bars,   Blanks including: 

 ●Tungsten carbide rods, 

 ●Cemented Solid Carbide Rods, 

 ●Carbide Gun Drill Blanks, 

 ●Carbide Square Bars, 

 ●Carbide Rods for PCB Tools etc,

 ●Carbide Preforms in Sintered or in Finish Ground,

 We can also Custom-make the Tungsten Carbide products as per your specific demand as sample or Prints.

Standard  grade for Cemented Carbide Rods in Rydmet :
The Grades For Cemented  Tungsten Carbide Rods
Properties of GradeRD06UFRD08UFRD09UFRD10FRD12UF
WC incl. Doping%949091%9088
Vickers Hardness HV30kg/mm218901790195015801690
Rockwell Hardness HRAISO373893.59393.891.8>92.5
PorosityA< 02< 02< 02< 02< 02
WC Grain Sizeμm0.

The Application of RYDMET CARBIDE Grades for Carbide Rods 
RD06UFFinishing Machining of high hard materials and composite materials.Suitable to make  PCB cutter, Drill Bits.
RD08UFHi Speed Finishing Machining of high hard materials and composite materials;Copper and Aluminum Alloys, Plastics.
Suitable to make  PCB cutter, Drill Bits.
RD09UFfor high-speed cutting tools,especially to those materials above HRC58HRC, such as stainless steel, high temperature alloy etc.
RD10FGood toughness and wear resistance, suitable tools for roughly machining of Steel and Cast Iron. Also good materials for Drill Bits. 
RD12UFExcellent toughness and wear resistance,suitable to tools for stainless Steel,heat resistance alloy and high hardness materials.

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