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  • Carbide Inserts for Wear Bar

Carbide Inserts for Wear Bar

    Rydmet Carbide have been producing about bulk quantity Carbide Inserts per season for the snowmobile and ski runner ( named carbide wear bars). 

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    In order to develope this kind of Carbide Inserts, we have experiences a lot of frustration, because at the beginning, we use the traditional pressing machines to make them, since it is so irregular products and in complicated geomtry, we can not solve the bending and straightness problems, some times, the tolerance is run out some times. 


    Finally, when we start to make the Carbide Rods for cutting tools, our engineers thought it might be a good way for the Carbide Runner Inserts, after test, we solved all the problems and gave our cleint a pefect shipment,the cleint said that is the best carbide runner (wear bar) Inserts he has ever got.

    Our Carbide Runner Inserts are make from a specially choosed carbide Grade that excellent both in wear-resistance and toughness. in addition,the extrusion method can keep both geometry, size and tolerance in a pefect condition, however, the price is very competitive.



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