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  • Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods for PCB Tools

  • Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods for PCB Tools

Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods for PCB Tools

We have been the leading manufactuer of the Carbide Rods/Blanks for PCB Tools  in China for both domenstic and overseas market. 

After years of Researching and Development, our Carbide Rods for PCB Tools is not inferior to any of the big manufacturers in the Market. 


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    Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods for PCB Tools:

    The below 3 grades are our Standard Materials for the PCB Blanks, with maximum Wear-resistance and Thoughness, which can gurantee long tool life and high efficency.

    Carbide Rods for PCB ToolsCarbide Rods for PCB Tools

    Carbide Rods For Printed Circuit Borard ( PCB)Tools

    Standard  grade for Cemented Carbide Rods in Rydmet :
    The Grades For Cemented  Tungsten Carbide Rods
    Properties of GradeRD06UFRD08UFRD09UFRD10FRD12UF
    WC incl. Doping%949091%9088
    Vickers Hardness HV30kg/mm218901790195015801690
    Rockwell Hardness HRAISO373893.59393.891.8>92.5
    PorosityA< 02< 02< 02< 02< 02
    WC Grain Sizeμm0.


    Grade CodeCharacteristics and Application
    RD06UF Submicron Grain Size, very good wear-reistance and thoughess,it is recommended for Normal Drills and PCB Drill Bits
    RD07UFSubmicron Grain Size with high wear-resistance and high toughenss,
    suitable to make the PCB Drill Bits above 0.7 mm, and Normal Drill Bits
    RD075UFUltra fine Grain Size with very high wear-resistance and toughenss,

    suitable to make the PCB Drill Bits, PCB Milling Cutter above 1.2 mm, and other solid Carbide Tools.

    3.21 x 38.53.210/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    3.25 x 38.53.250/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    3.50 x 38.53.500/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    3.75 x 38.53.750/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    4.00 x 38.54.000/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    4.25 x 38.54.250/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    4.50 x 38.54.500/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    4.75 x 38.54.750/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    5.00 x 38.55.000/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    5.25 x 38.55.250/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    5.50 x 38.55.500/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    5.75 x 38.55.750/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    6.00 x 38.56.000/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    6.25 x 38.56.250/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    6.50 x 38.56.500/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    6.75 x 38.56.750/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    7.00 x 38.57.000/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    7.25 x 38.57.250/+0.0238.5+/-0.05
    3.5 x 12.83.50+0.4/+0.212.8+1.0/+0.4
    4.0 x 12.84.00+0.4/+0.212.8+1.0/+0.4
    4.5 x 12.84.50+0.4/+0.212.8+1.0/+0.4
    5.0 x 12.85.00+0.4/+0.212.8+1.0/+0.4
    6.0 x 12.86.00+0.4/+0.212.8+1.0/+0.4
    6.5 x 12.86.50+0.4/+0.212.8+1.0/+0.4
    6.85 x 12.86.85+0.4/+0.212.8+1.0/+0.4

    Other Specification are avaialble on Request.

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