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  • Tungsten Carbide Bar/Inserts for VSI Rotor Tips

Tungsten Carbide Bar/Inserts for VSI Rotor Tips

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    Tungsten Carbide Bars/Inserts are very good and effective materials to tool life of the VSI Rotor Tip due to its excellent wear-resistance and toughness. 

    The Carbide Barrs are mounted into the slot of the VSI Rotor Tip, which can be formed a tool like Hammer Head, to break the stone, rock and Ore Blocks. They are widdly used in the Cement, mining industries.

    Since the working Condition is very harsh, withich calls for the carbide should be able to withstand very high impact while mataining enough wear-resistance ( tool life), In order to maximum the tool life our Carbide Bars/Inserts for the Rotor Tips, we have to choose the materials specially and make them strictly as per our techlology schedule.

    We are not only provide the Carbide Bars itself, Our skilled team can provide the Solutions to your tools life problems so that you maximize your efficiency and minimize your cost.

    The Types of the Carbide Bars/Inserts for VSI Rortor Bits


    Recommended Grades for Carbide HPGR Studs (Pins, Buttons)

    GRADEBinder ContentDensityHardnessTRSProperties and Application
     Co %g/ccHRAN/mm2
    RD06A2614.9590.8-91.1>3000High Hardness and wear-resistance, suitable to Hard Granite,quartz porphyry,silicolite,Iron poor rock, High grade Iron ore.etc.
    RD08 814.7589.5>3000High Hardness and wear-resistance, suitable to medium hard or hard rock,etc, e.g Siliceous slate,Copper bearing pyrite, Marble, Sandstone,basalt.etc.
    RD08A814.7590.3>3000High Hardness and wear-resistance, suitable to medium hard or hard rock,etc, e.g Siliceous slate,Copper bearing pyrite,sandy shale.
    RD08C814.7588.5>3000general hardness and wear-resistance,metasandstone, granite porphyry,marble,Common limestone,dolomite,magnetite.etc.
    RD11C1114.487.0 >2900Good thoughenss, low wear-resistance,suitable to Hard rock,like  gritstone, Granite, quartzite,diorite.etc.
    RD15C1514.0 85.0 >2700high toughenss, lower wear-resistance, suitable to soft stone, like  limestone, hard coal block, harden clunch.

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