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  • Carbide Liners For Choke Bean
  • Carbide Liners For Choke Bean

Carbide Liners For Choke Bean

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    Tungsten Carbide Liner/Tube for Choke Beans.


        Choke Beans are the key parts to positive choke valves in wellhead equipments, for fluid or flow control.   


        The Choke Beans aremanufactured precisely to in the choke diameter and all fluid flows through it. It is usually made from Stainless Steel Body and Tungsten Carbide Liner. The Tungsten Carbide liner is very critical to the tool life and performance of the choke beans.


    The Function of the Carbide Liners in the Choke Beans is that the Tungsten Carbide Liner can work well in the high pressure, high wear, high abrasive and erosion working Condition.


    For the Choke Bean Liners, RYDMET’s Engineers Developed a Specific Carbide Grade for this application, it not only meet the long tool life span and tool performance, but also very economical and affordable in cost.


    Our Carbide Chokes Ben Liners are made by CIP ( Cold Iso-static Pressing) method, in order to avoid extra grinding stock, we have been maintaining the minimum grinding allowance for clients.

    CIPed Choke Bean Carbide Blanks/Sleeves waiting for Sintering.



    Ground Choke Bean Carbide Blanks/Sleeves 


    RYDMET have the die/tooling for the complete sizes of the Carbide Liners, whose size with ID from to 4/64” to 28/64”in gradation of 1/16" 



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