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  • Irregular Carbide Components

Irregular Carbide Components

    Except for the Common Products,like the Carbide Seal Faces, Carbide Seal Rings, Carbide Sleeves, Bushings, Carbide Valve Seat and Balls, Rydmet Carbide is the Carbide Expert of irregular Carbide Components, specializes in custom engineered carbide parts for any application that requires the extreme hardness and wear resistance of Tungsten Carbide.

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    As an Carbide Manufacurer, we can develope or recommend the right carbide grade for your specific application,regardless which industries you are in. By using the advanced technologies and equipments:

    OD Grinding Machines

    ID Grinding Machines

    Surface Grinding Machines

    Thread Grinding machines of Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic and Tool Steels

    Honing Machines

    Polishing / Finishing machines.

    Lathes - CNC

    Milling machines

    Centerless Grinding machines.

    Single-Sided Lapping machines.

    Induction Brazing machines.

    We are able to make almost any kind of carbide wear parts we meet.Rydmet is becomming the irregular Carbide Components expert in the Carbide Industry.

    Some times very difficult to name the carbide parts we met, the following is just few of the carbide we make from our client.

    Carbide Erosion Sleeves

    Carbide Flow Restrictor Bearings

    Carbide Orifices

    Carbide Flow Cages

    Carbide Thrust Bearings

    Carbide Blast Nozzles

    Carbide Liners

    Carbide Stems

    Flow Control Components

    Carbide Drums

    Carbide External Sleeves

    Carbide Wheels

    Carbide Jars

    Please let us know what you want or give us the Drawing/prints,we will provide your with satisfaction 

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