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  • Carbide Valve Parts (Seats,Ball, Plug)

Carbide Valve Parts (Seats,Ball, Plug)

    Rydmet Carbide has been serving the oil and gas industry for more than 13 years, Tungsten Carbide Valve Seat, Balls, Plugs, is one of the major category of our carbide products.

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    Carbide Valve Parts (Seats,Ball, Plug)

    Tungsten Carbide Valve Seat are available in a variety of configurations and sizes for use in wear and corrosive and erosive working conditions, all the carbide seats we delivered are subjected to be tested strictly so that the carbide valve seat are defect-ree.

    The Tungsten Carbide Balls And Carbide Plugs we manufacture in strict adherence to industry standards. Balls may be ordered to desired material specifications including TC Cobalt, TC Nickel and TC Titanium. The carbide Balls and Plugs can be in mirror finish surface.

    We stock standard size Carbide Balls in 6% cobalt material.

    Carbide Valve Parts (Seats,Ball, Plug)Carbide Valve Parts (Seats,Ball, Plug)

     Carbide Valve Parts (Seats,Ball, Plug)


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