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  • Carbide Seratted Round Knives

Carbide Seratted Round Knives

    RYDMET have been making tens thousands of  high quality Carbide  Circular Sliting knives and Circular Rotary Blades for various type of application, such as  Carbide Circular Knives for slitting,perforating ,rewinding, converting,slicing.etc.

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      Tungsten Carbide Circular Slitting Knives 硬质合金圆刀

          The  Carbide Circular Knives are used in a wide variety of applications for their ability to slice through many materials, so, usually the blades are made for these applications are  custom sizes. 


          Though the Circular knives with a variety of  applications, our  specialists can always help customers to choose the best-fit materials from our available grades that covers from medium Grain size, fine grain size, micro grain size to ultra fine grain size to make the Circular Knives.

          To get a excellent  tool performance, longer tool life and higher efficiency, we are always trying to combine the brittleness with the toughness to a perfect point.

          Our Carbide Circular Knives can be supplied up to  400 mm in Diameter with different inner hole diameters, Pin holes, Key Ways, cutting edge shapes and bevel angles . They are precision ground to a high tolerance standard, mirror finish surface and  sharp cutting edge. They can be used in high speed cutting, with a high production efficiency and good surface finish

      The Cutting Edge Geometries of the solid Carbide Circular Knives   


    Cemented Tungsten Carbide Seratted Knives.


    SIZE-carbide seratted round knives.png


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