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  • SB-Type Rotary Carbide burrs

  • SB-Type Rotary Carbide burrs

  • SB-Type Rotary Carbide burrs

SB-Type Rotary Carbide burrs

SB-Type Rotary Carbide burrs (Rotary Files)

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    BSB-Carbide Burrs-4.jpg

    SB-Type Carbide Burrs                

    Carbide Burrs are made of tungsten carbide, a metal that is extremely hard (about three 

    times stiffer than steel) and of very excellent wear-resistance and can withstand high 

    temperatures, sometimes regarded as rotary files and come in many shapes and sizes.

    The Carbide Burrs are used for shaping, smoothing and material removal (debur) on hardened

    steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals, fired ceramics, plastics, hard woods and other hard materials.

    Typical applications:

    weld preparation

    weld smoothing,




    Scale removal.


    The Characters of Rydmet Carbide Burrs.

    1.Raw materials: The Carbide Burrs are made from 100% high purity Virgin Raw Materials

    2) Bur Head Quality: Carbide Bur Head, Bur Blanks are Sinter-HIPed, which can improve the tool quality greatly.

    3.Equipments: Import and upgrade our CNC tool Grinders regularly.


    4.Precision: Each piece of our Carbide Burrs are inspected and checked strictly against the Technical Prints (dimension) and Standard (whole quality parameters)

    Each piece of our Carbide Burrs is ground from Tungsten-Carbide Blanks  by precision automatic machines that designed specifically for grinding burs which can assures exact contours and dimensions as well as perfect concentricity.


    SB Carbide Burs - Clindrical Shape with End Cut

    Fractional ( inch Size)

    BSB-Carbide Burrs-4.jpg

    Tool   CodeODLCSHANKOALDoublecutSinglecutDiamondcutChipbreaker
    SB-411/161/41/81-1/2 ●
    SB-423/327/161/81-1/2 ●
    SB-431/89/161/81-1/2 ●
    SB-511/41/21/82 ●
    SB-121/85/81/42 ●
    SB-143/165/81/42 ●
    SB-11/45/81/42 ●
    SB-25/163/41/42-1/2 ●
    SB-33/83/41/42-1/2 ●
    SB-47/1611/42-3/4 ●
    SB-5 1/211/42-3/4 ●
    SB-65/811/42-3/4 ●
    SB-163/43/41/42-1/2 ●
    SB-73/411/42-3/4 ●
    SB-9111/42-3/4 ●

    Remarks:   Standard

                       ◎ as demand

                   ** Special Sizes can be Custom-make


    SB Carbide Burs - Clindrical Shape with End Cut

    Metric Sizes (mm)

    BSB-Carbide Burrs-4.jpg

    Tool   CodeODLCSHANKOALDoublecutSinglecutDiamondcutChipbreaker
    SB-14516650 ●
    SB-1625650 ●
    SB-12616650 ●
    SB-516.312.7350 ●
    SB-2825670 ●
    SB-21819664 ●
    SB-39.525670 ●
    SB-319.538683 ●
    SB-329.519664 ●
    SB-41125670 ●
    SB-5 12.725670 ●
    SB-61625670 ●
    SB-71925670 ●
    SB-925.425670 ●

    Remarks:   Standard

                       ◎ as demand

                   ** Special Sizes can be Custom-make

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